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 In every man and woman there is lurking a great writer! It only needs to get recognized, get written, and get published. Recognize your great potential; write it; and get published.


We will publish it! FREE!


We will give you wider recognition by publishing your name and email address.


Just write a story, a poem, an article, an anecdote, or short fillers, and email them to us. We will publish them in appropriate place in our website.


There are no rules. Just a few points to keep in mind. Your submission should not normally exceed 1000 words. But for outstanding submissions we may even relax this rule. Write on the subjects of The Life Beautiful! Be Happy! Be Healthy! Be Successful! The beauty of life, happiness, health, success, inspirational, motivational, etc. Generally, jokes are not solicited as it is difficult to come by original jokes and they tend to be inappropriate most of the time. This is not to say that The Life Beautiful! does not like or appreciate them. They should be original and of high quality. So, send jokes by all means, just ensure their quality and appropriateness. This criterion of appropriateness and good taste, of course, goes for all the submissions. Submissions can be  fiction or non-fiction.


Only members of The Life Beautiful! can send submissions. However, to make it easy on the budding writers, we would accept submissions from the non-members also and on publication make/deem the writers as members. This would obviate the necessity for the writer to fill in the membership Form.


Send the submissions to in the body of the email with appropriate subject line with your real or pen name and email address. The copyright of all the submissions will rest with the writer. However, we could use them on The Life Beautiful! website on multiple pages unlimited time.


We may also consider suitably awarding best submission during a calendar month.


So, get going. Who knows what a great future is in store for you as a writer!


Of course, writing may give you immense pleasure and be a great source of happiness.

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