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the life beautiful

Issue I  of 2007
January  (I), 2007

THE LIFE BEAUTIFUL! Once again wishes all its members, supporters, surfers, and friends a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Though we are a bit discontented by the practically zero member/supporter participation in THE LIFE BEAUTIFUL! activities by way of communication with us, one of the members has submitted a beautiful poem and we are publishing it below. We hope other members/supporters would also take a cue from it and flood us with their writings, messages, and suggestions, etc.



Divine Presence presents me with presents of prosperity & opportunity

Wrapped oft times disguised as adversity. Stinking-thinking attempts to tempt

 me away from

All-sufficiency but that can never be-‘cause I’m in harmony. Nothing

can harm me & the Universe

Yields unto me ‘til my desires are fulfilled & running over.

 I accept my abundance in right, Divine order with

No end in sight. I got the Midas touch & might as well do as much as I can

to help others excel. I LOVE living my life in this fashion.

Everything I do is done with passion like smashing

Old beliefs in lack from attacking or trashing my Divine Inheritance in fact, I

Now commence from “nowon” to dispense with any old conditioning

that’s just not contributing to my trust fund of abundance &

Excellence of endeavor. I find the circumstances I desire by chance

or make them when or wherever.

Infinite Mind is there to aid them, pervading all I survey without strife

with the Omnipotent opinion that I claim dominion in my

Life. This life that’s been awarded me, if I wasn’t me I’d want to be

but I want to be more! I’m playing the Horn of Plenty &

Lord, anything I have you’ve given me, lovingly, generously.

I merely opened the door of my awareness to you endless store.

Prosperity for posterity is our Creator’s plan for the planet.

My plan, as I understand it is to demonstrate the Laws of Cause

And Effect—which I’m obliged to perfect & I expect to see with ecstasy nothing

yet to compare with my share of manna I manifest from thin air.

Real in-comes from God within not my job but then, each paycheck

contributes to my wealth. Treasure without measure is what is now felt!

I advance the eternal substance of my soul to optimize my health &

retrieve my loftiest goals & dreams from off the shelf.

Sure as the sun rises above the horizon, I’m rising above my lower me

I live what I do for a loving. I give from what I am

Here for. Something that nothing is more important for me to do.

That is to awaken the Glory of Creation in you.


[By: Dwayne Oneill Parish]


Of course, we are aware that the low member/supporter participation may be due to our own fault and, perhaps, we have not been up to their expectations. Towards this end we have added many new features to the website. Please visit them. But we cannot do much unless we hear from you what you really want and what is good and what is bad with the website. So, please do write to us.


You would be aware that we have introduced Get Published under which members, supporters, and friends can contribute their articles etc. to the ezine.  You may get the details at the top left hand corner of this ezine just below Member Benefits.  


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