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  1. Have a Do or Die Desire to Be Successful!: For Success it is very essential that you have a do or dies desire for success.  Decide this moment to be successful in all circumstances.  Every morning decide that you will be successful and nothing and nobody would and could spoil your success.
  2. Condition Your Mind to Success:  Success comes to those who think in terms of success.  Use affirmations and resolutions to condition your mind to success as if you have already achieved the success.
  3. Have a Fixed, Definite, and All-Exclusive Aim of Life:  Without a clear and over-powering air of life nothing is possible to be achieved.  This aim should be like an obsession driving your life like crazy.
  4. Plan for Success:  No journey can be successfully completed without a road plan.  Here road plan includes writing down ones aim (s), making resolutions and affirmations, periodically checking ones progress, and sticking to it despite failures.
  5. Work Hard:  Nothing can succeed without hard work.  In addition to hard work one should work smart also.  Working smart means going the extra mile, always being one step ahead in knowledge, innovation, and application of latest ideas, and keeping ones mind open.
  6. Use Your Time Optimally:  Make a To-Do list according to importance of task.  Dont waste best productive time on routine matters like flipping through newspaper, magazines, and TV channels, checking and replying to routine emails, gossiping, telephoning, etc. 
  7. Keep Best Company:   Keep the company of the best of the best.  If you are a writer or scientist surround yourself with the best of them and become member of the best writers or scientists group.  If you are a CEO employ the best available brains.
  8. Be Happy! and Be Healthy!:  Happiness and good health are also very essential for success.  Many people with great potential for success leave their   pursuit of success mid-way owing to falling health.  Of course, life is more important than success, but if one follows Be Healthy! Fundamentals of Good Health, he or she will not have to be a failure due to bad health.  Similarly, a person with happy attitude towards life keeps good health and can work better.   He or she is liked by others which also contributes towards success.
  9. Stick with it despite Failures:  Success comes after repeated failures.  Sometimes success keeps on awaiting us just a step ahead where we stumble.  It is best to get up a move on. 
  10. Meditate and Pray:  Develop the habit of meditation.  Meditation fills the whole being with peace and calm.  If you are religiously minded pray.  Prayer also gives peace and calm and inner strength.



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