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Be Healthy! and fit is the aim of modern life. Be Healthy! is its motto. All human beings want to be healthy and fit. We all want to Be Healthy! Health is today?s buzzword. We search for some magic health formula; some health secret, and the health mantra.

The Heath Guru?s health formula, health secret, and health mantra, is very simple?Be Happy! Eat sensibly, be active, be regular in your life, do Yoga, exercise or jogging, avoid smoking and drinking, and have a healthy and positive attitude towards life.

Health and fitness contribute greatly towards happiness and success. Pursuit of success often tells upon one?s health. Very hard work, especially blue collar, and tension create health problems. An active life style, happy attitude towards life, and Yoga, could restore good health and fitness.

But don?t forget, the good health does not necessarily mean six-pack and bulging muscles. One need not be health freak. Good health is to live happily and optimize one?s output. Health in itself should not be an obsession.


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