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  1. Why physical exercise is necessary?

Everyone of us want beautiful skin, healthy body, no pains and aches, always to be young, to feel fresh and to be happy throughout.


Physical fitness is a prerequisite for achieving success in life. It does not matter whether you are at home or at office. If a cake has to be successfully baked, you have to work hard for desired objective. If I am not feeling well, I will not muster to bake the cake at all. If you are in pain you can?t concentrate on your goals.


Ancient man roamed around for food and worked hard, thankfully we don?t need to do it now. Hence what we eat remains in our bellies (even for days!) Hence some form of exercise has to be incorporated into our daily routine to remain young and healthy during our lifetime outsmarting natural aging process.


  1. Which is the best form of exercise?

There are various forms of exercise, all games give some kind of activity to the body (other than recreation). Bodybuilding, running, weight lifting, swimming, football, hockey, volleyball, gymnastics, aerobics etc are games, which activate the body muscles and give you strength and stamina.


Definition of a best form of exercise includes one that gives you strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. Researchers say flexibility is the secret to feeling and looking young, which is important at 50 than at 25. Added to this list is the fact that human beings physique is psycho-physiological in nature, also we need mental workout.


If you observe the workouts lined out above, none of them concentrate on psycho or physiological aspect of human body. Yoga is the only form of exercise designed 5000 years ago (even prevalent today!) which fit into perfect definition for a personal or group exercise program. The only necessity being your body and a mattress.


  1. What is Yoga?

Yoga is a way of life. It is a logical Science, simple and practical, up-to-date and can be followed by anyone and everyone. Yoga gives methods for development in physical, mental and spiritual levels. Yoga gives methods of harmonious living with oneself, society and nature. Yoga comprises of postures or asanas, breathing techniques or Pranayama and Meditation or Dhyana.


Postures have a corrective action on the functioning of various glands and massage internal organs like kidneys, stomach, backbone, lungs etc. They relax and tone up the muscles and the nervous system, stimulate circulation, stretch stiff ligaments and tendons, limber joints and finally help the mind to be calm and relaxed, alert to situations and to concentrate better.


Breathing techniques regulate vital energy called as Prana, which is very important in preventing exhaustion. It increases the capacity of lungs, regulates rate of breathing and relaxes facial muscles. This pacifies the organs of perception(smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste) and thus controlling, calming and elevating the mind.


Meditation helps to analyze one?s personality and to rise from limitedness to unlimited ness.


  1. Importance of Breathing

When you are angry or mentally disturbed, your breathing rate if increased, and you feel a hot flush. This leading to many problems, heartburn, acidity, increased heart rate, hyper tension, blood pressure, irritated or frayed nerves, unapproachable person etc. If not trained to channelize or control one will be left with diseases and no friends. Hence breathing techniques are practiced to redirect this unnecessary or excess energy.


  1. Importance of Meditation

Modern living, change happening around us, stress experienced by tight schedules and dead lines are taking a toll on our minds. Slowing down in life is essential. Meditation is a tool unaided by any external necessities helps us to calm, concentrate, channelize, relax and lead us towards divinity.


  1. List of posture recommended


    1. Karma Asana
    2. Uddayana Mudra


    1. Dirgha Pranama
    2. Madhumaya Avartha Asana
    3. Madhumayan Danda
    4. Padmaasana


Lying Down

      1.      Bhujanga Asana

      2.      Paschimottana Asana

      3.      Sarvanga Asana

      4.      Matsya Mudra

      5.      Sava Asana


      7.  Does food play a role in healthy living?

Food is a vital part of our everyday life. As we awake we think of breakfast lunch and dinner. One has to take care as to what enters the body if one is to look smart not only physically but mentally too. Eating habits affect the whole household.


Despite hundreds of diets, nutritionists and slimming centers, there is considerable confusion about what constitutes the right diet. But the fact remains that there is no ideal diet for all people and there is no formula for a miracle diet. Dieting is temporary, but healthy eating is a lifetime commitment. Many researchers and food pyramid designed account that proper eating will not show results unless it is combined with regular, moderate exercise.


The following points give a large outline for a healthy eating and living

?        Staple food should comprise of whole grains

?        Eat vegetables and fruits in abundance

?        Vegetable oils to be used moderately

?        Dairy products, nuts and legumes, fish, poultry, eggs in small quantities

?        White rice, white bread, sweets and meat to be taken sparingly


      8.   How to incorporate it in daily life?

?        Slow down and observe around you

?        Exercise once everyday, anytime convenient to you, it is good if morning or evening when children can be involved

?        Cook for health and not for taste

?        Enjoy life with a positive attitude, give love and joy to others, laugh and dance as if there is no next day

?        Work as if your life depends on it

?        Relax, for the world does not rest on you

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