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Happiness is the aim of life. Be Happy! is its motto. All human beings want to be happy. The ultimate happiness is called by various names in various religions and cultures: Bliss, Liberation, Nirvana, Paradise, etc.

We all want to Be Happy! We search for some magic happiness formula; some happiness secret; and the happiness mantra.

But happiness is the natural state of human kind. God has given us, free of cost, unlimited and inexhaustible sources of happiness. Life evolved on earth against tremendous odds. This life itself is the greatest happiness. Oh! To be alive is the greatest happiness. To have a sound body and mind is a privilege which we hardly appreciate. God has seen to it that we are born in a family and later acquire a family which gives us great happiness and joy. God gave us beautiful sun and moon, stars and sky, mountains and forests, rivers and oceans, fruits and vegetables, and rain and snow and sunshine--all for our happiness and to keep us happy!

Humans rival God in everything. The motive behind human progress is happiness. Humans made all things for their happiness and enjoyment. They discovered fire and wheel, made houses and tools, engaged in agriculture and crafts. They made cars and airplanes, radio and TV and computers. They developed music and dance, fine arts and literature. All these things are not only useful; they are also great source of happiness to humankind.

But the ultimate happiness lies in mind. With a happy and positive attitude human kind can be happy in very difficult circumstances too. There is no use in worrying for past things and things to come.

The Happiness Guru's happiness formula, happiness secret, and happiness mantra, is very simple--enjoy the unlimited happiness scattered all around us in unlimited quantity in God given and human made lives and things; be happy in your mind by having a positive and happy attitude; and keep your soul in a state of perfect happiness, bliss, and nirvana in communion with the universal soul.

But don't forget, the greatest happiness is in giving and sharing, helping and assisting, and loving and caring. Make others happy and you will Be Happy!


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