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  1. Decide to Be Happy!: For happiness it is very essential that you consciously decide to be happy.  Decide this moment to be happy in all circumstances.  Every morning decide that you will be happy and nothing and nobody would and could spoil your happiness.
  2. Condition Your Mind to Happiness:  Have a cheerful, positive, and hopeful outlook towards life.  See the light, not shadow, see the rose, not thorns, and see a half-full glass, not half-empty.
  3. Be Near Nature:  Be as near to nature as possible.  Live near nature, work near nature, and holiday near nature.  Go for morning or evening walk in a park, forest, hill, or seashore.  Enjoy rain, snow, and sunshine. 
  4. Be Happy! With Your Family:  Don?t always search happiness outside.  Love your family and they will give infinite happiness to you.  If one cannot be happy in one?s family he or she cannot be happy outside it.
  5. Enjoy as many Human-Made Things as Possible:  From Arts and literature to music and dance, from foods and drinks to travel and cruising, and from architecture and painting to bird watching and stamp collecting, there are innumerable human-made things to enjoy.  Keep your interest in things and human beings as wide and as deep as possible and you will always be happy.
  6. Be Healthy!:  Healthy body is the home of happiness.  East healthy food and keep active and do regular exercise.  Better do Yoga.  To avoid the boredom of regular exercise play some game.  It will not only keep you healthy and active it will also keep, at least for the duration of the play, your mind away from the problems of daily live.
  7. Meditate and Pray:  Develop the habit of meditation.  Meditation fills the whole being with peace and calm.  If you are religiously minded pray.  Prayer also gives peace and calm and inner strength.
  8. Love and Help All:  The more you love, the more love you will get in return.  Help all and you will get inner happiness.  Think of good of all.  Forget and forgive injustice and wrongs done to you.
  9. Be Successful! Do Your Duty without too much Attachment to the Results:  A person living in a cave could be quite happy.  So can a lazy bum. For happiness, certain amount of worldly success is also necessary as it raises self-esteem.  However, running after success to the exclusion of happiness and health is not our aim.  As regards success, one should do one?s duty to the best of one?s ability and with full dedication.  Doing our duty only is under our powers.  The results may not be as expected.  Don?t be discouraged or unhappy if the results are not as we wished for.  This, however, does not mean that you do not work hard.
  10. Never Worry, Never Hurry:  Worry and hurry do not solve any problem.  They rather add to them.  See the life in its proper perspective.  In the infinity of billions of light year of space and time and billions of galaxies and stars, our tiny individual problems are less significant than a molecule of water in the vast ocean.


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