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Accidental Love continued:

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a car pulled off the single incoming lane and tried to overtake other cars. It had obviously misjudged the distance and speed of Dona's car. There was no space to pull in. In a desperate attempt to overtake and squeeze into the small space available ahead it increased its speed. The car was coming at great speed directly on to them. Mona saw it and the man driving it in great clarity and detail—even the red scarf around the driver’s neck—as if in slow motion. She saw herself and Dona as little kids playing in their home in France. She saw her Junior High friends in France smiling and laughing. She felt sad leaving them behind and coming to Canada. And then she saw John. She didn't see anything of between her Junior High and meeting with John. Instinctively see knew, not in subject-object type of knowledge, but as a revelation, that it was the ineluctable God’s wish.

She felt no emotions. It all felt so natural, so logical, and so self-evident. Just before the collision she closed her eyes and surrendered herself calmly to the inevitable. There was a head-on collision on the driver's side.

When Mona came to she found herself in the hospital. Harry and children were there. The driver of the other car was a Mexican who had come to Canada for the first time. He died in the hospital.

            Dona was survived by her husband and two children aged eleven and thirteen.  



            A Story never ends.  Rather it gives birth to another story.  There are many others from where Accidental Love came. 

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