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the life beautiful
PARTING Continued

Who will look after me when you're gone
Who will caress my mad fancies, wild desires
Who will put me to sleep with tender kisses
Oh! who will fulfil my life in thousands of ways

Who will quarrel with you on flimsy grand issues
Who will divine the innermost thoughts of the heart
When you fall sick, God forbid, and are lonely
Who will lie beside you and soak away all the heat

But she didn't stop me, didn't block my way
Didn't pull me back to hold in tight embrace
Didn't shout, ‘Stop! Don’t go away, dear!
Breaking, shattering, mine heart and life'

Where am I going? To bigger things in life
I'll fight for Dharm4 and friendship
To kingdoms and Geeta5 and Mahabharat6
Love is for mere mortals, let me be God!

I turn again at the top of the ladder
She's still waving ‘Good Bye, good bye, bye'
I cross over, I lose both my love and life
The plane moves and comes back again to take off

The engines whirl, Oh! the storms in my gasps
The engine runs wildly, as runs amuck my heart
Fleetingly I see her through tears and haze
Smooth lift and senseless I fly away upwards

Oh! I came a stranger, became the Dearest
Alas! I leave now, life, miserable life!
O heart! never, never, love a foreigner
I murmur, ‘God bless you, Good bye, Dearest!'

1=He wanted to go to heaven in mortal body. He was sent upwards by the spiritual powers of a great sage. But the gods pushed him down from above. He remained in the middle.
2=Beloved of Krishn.
3=The place where Krishn and Radha grew up.
4=Prescribed duty, religion.
5=Hindu religious and philosophical book. Kridshn told it to Arjun (hero of Mahabharat, one of the five Pandavs brothers)at the start of the war when seeing his own relatives, friends, and teacher on the opposite side, Arjun said that winning the war after killing one’s beloved was not worth fighting.
6=The great war between cousin brothers Pandavs and Kauravs. Krishn helped Pandavs by becoming the charioteer of Arjun.

[THE END! Really?  But there is something before this also.  And Parting is not the end of Odyssey of Love.  Before this is: Pining; Meeting; Wooing; and Loving. After this is Uniting.  Read the complete love story:




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