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It is generally thought that poetry is dead!  It is only because when the so-called famous poets write they have to make it so difficult to understand that, like modern painting, very few people understand it.  In Odyssey of Love the writer has attempted to tell an interesting story in easy-to-understand, but at the same time high quality, poetry.

  Brief Description of the Book:

  Story Line: The hero goes to a foreign country on an assignment. He falls in love with a girl.  But she keeps him at bay for several months.  Ultimately she acquiesces and they fall in love madly.  However, soon the project of the hero in that country comes to an end.  He returns with vague plans of calling her to his own country.  She, however, leaves the job and moves.  The hero now realises that in running for bigger things in life he has forfeited the love.  The more worldly fame and pleasures he wins the more he misses her.  The line between reality and imagination blurs for him.  He hallucinates that she has come to take him and he is floating in the air shouting.

Arrangement of the Material: The Book is divided into six parts.  The title of each part deals with an important aspect of love. The titles of the parts are-








Rationale behind above Arrangement of the Material: The Book starts with Pining which may be taken as the present time except that Uniting deals with subsequent time period.  After Pining the Book follows the normal time sequence and stages of love.  However, the story does not end with Parting and at the end there is Union.  So by not ending the story at Parting, the poet has given it a novel twist and also kindled a ray of hope in the darkness of lost love.



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